OCEANIA: a hymn for the Pacific

Vanuella Watt, La Diva du Pacifique, is about to bring out her new CD!

Oceania: a hymn for the Pacific. A song composed and written by la Diva, in all different Pacific Languages and with several artists from the Pacific Region.

The arrangements of Oceania were made by IGELESE ETE
the great & famous musical arranger and producer in the Pacific,
and he is also the Head of Performing Arts at the “Oceania
Center” at the USP, in Fiji.

The Pacific Choirs sublimate the song and highlight and emphasize all
the languages of the region.

Chorus is in English as it is the most “exchanged” language in the

This is the 1st time that such a musical production happens in the Pacific region.


Vanuella Watt was born to Melanesian and Italian parents and grew up in a creative family, her father being a sculptor and mother a pianist. Her family moved to New Caledonia when she was 6 months, and at the age of 10 she discovered her singing talent, which she developed over the next few years. While residing in France she recorded her first album “Revoir mes iles”. She performed at Don Camilo, singing with diverse bands and was repeatedly scouted by French producers who invited her to the MIDEM DE CANNES. In 2000, she represented, for the first time, New Caledonia to the world festival of music.

This beautiful exotic singer fascinates the public by her warm and natural personality. Vanuella embodies the modern image of New Caledonian music. She will perform at the Alliance Française de Sydney in April.

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